COVID-19 – Knowledge & Resources

During these times of uncertainty, we understand the pressure felt by individuals and their businesses in deciding what to do next. Whilst we do not know exactly how the next few weeks, months and certainly years will develop we do know the right people to turn to for practical advice. That is why we have created this Knowledge and Resources page dedicated to insightful thought pieces from our experienced managers, directors and financial advisers, as well as bitesize resources that you can use to make some concerns easier to manage during the Coronavirus pandemic.

These are challenging times, and the UK lockdown encouraging self-isolation might make some of your concerns seem more daunting. You are not alone in this. Clifton Asset Management is here to help as we offer these useful knowledge pieces and our contact details which are all still open for you to use.

“It is OK to feel a bit lost & bewildered right now, but don’t suffer in silence. Talk to us – we are good listeners”

– Anthony Carty, Group Financial Planning Director.

Knowledge & Resources

  • Business Support

    Many lenders can and will “pull up the drawbridge” for small and medium sized firms, leaving them without access to funding/liquidity when they are most needed. One thing that won’t change, is that for those with pensions looking at raising funds for their company via Pension-led funding, we’re here to help. Continue reading…
  • Update for Employers and Employees

    A summary of the key measures set out by the UK Government to support people and businesses through this period of disruption and uncertainty, caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading…
  • What should a business owner’s mindset be during COVID-19?

    What do you think a business owners’ mindset should be during these challenging times? Can someone take the emotion out of this situation and make the right decisions for their businesses? Continue reading…
  • An unexpected bonus

    For the past fifteen years here at Clifton we have been investing heavily in building our own technology, often to the point of diminishing our reported profits, so important did we think the project was in allowing us to build a genuinely scalable business. Continue reading…